What We Believe


The Bible
We believe the Bible is inspired by God in its every word, inerrant in its original text, and by Divine preservation is the only infallible and authoritative Word of God.

We believe that there is only one true and living God, the creator and sustainer of all that is, Who exists as three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, existing from all eternity and born into this earth by a virgin, that he lived a sinless life, was crucified, shed His blood and died as a substitute for His people whom He redeemed at the cross, that He was buried and rose from the dead on the third day, that after appearing to His disciples He rose bodily to Heaven where He is the intercessor and advocate for believers, and that He will someday bodily return to judge the world.

Holy Spirit
We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells every believer at the moment of conversion, that He empowers them to live lives honoring to God and that He gives gifts to every Christian for service in the church. And we believe the Holy Spirit convicts those who have not believed in Jesus, of sin, of the righteousness of Jesus, and the certainty of judgment.

We believe that salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ and that no one comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ. And we believe when people are, by God’s grace, redeemed that they cannot lose their salvation.

The Church
We believe the local church is intended by God to be the primary place of evangelistic activity, worship, and discipleship training for every believer and, therefore, it is God’s will for every believer to be a member of a local church. We believe that the local church is comprised of people who have believed in Jesus Christ and been baptized, who have joined together as a family under the leadership of God. We believe every church is an autonomous body of believers which may, under the leadership of God, choose to associate with other churches for a common mission. We believe the ordained offices of the church to be pastor and deacon.

We believe baptism is an act of obedience and testimony by people who have consciously received Jesus Christ as Savior. We believe that baptism is not necessary for salvation, but rather a significant act of public identification with Jesus. We believe that baptism is the first step of Christian obedience. We believe that New Testament baptism is full immersion.

The Lord’s Supper
We believe the Lord’s Supper is given to the local church by our Savior as an opportunity of remembrance, examination, and celebration of His redemptive work. We believe this supper to be taken with meaning only by believers in Jesus Christ and those who have been scripturally baptized. And we believe the Lord’s Supper to be symbolic of Jesus’ body and blood and that the Lord’s Supper does not confer grace or further salvation.