Sharing Our Stories….

Recently everyone in our congregation was given $10 and was encouraged to use that money to be a blessing to someone. Here are a few of the stories people have shared:

We were so excited to get to share $50 as a family of 5. It took a while for us to find the perfect moment to share. One evening, we joined two other couples with our entourage of 6 children ages 5 and under for dinner at Mama D’s. It was a busy Saturday evening, and our waitress was amazing as she ran from table to table, meeting our needs. The sweet lady was literally sweating because she was working so hard. Leaving a large tip has always been something that Nathan & I have wanted to do, so as we wrapped up our meal and prepared to pay, we knew that this lady was the one that God intended for us to bless with our money. We pray that it put a spark in her evening!
Nathan & Aretta T.

The first thing Paul did with his $10 was give it to me so we could bless someone with $20. So to me, Paul doubled our blessing right off the bat! We placed our $20 in an envelope and took it with us on our snowbird flight south in hopes of blessing someone there. While checking out at Target in Pensacola, Florida, I overheard the young sales associate, Kari, tell her Manager that he “would miss her”. So, I asked her if this was her last day. She told me it was her last day because they only choose one person from the seasonal help to keep. Then she proceeded to tell me that now she didn’t have a job and that she was five weeks pregnant. She felt lead to tell more of her personal story about how her parents didn’t like the fact that she was pregnant and unwed. Kari said in today’s society no one knows what’s right any more. How sad. I didn’t judge her…I just loved her. I told her I would be thinking about her. We said our goodbyes. As I was walking out to the car, God reminded me of the $20. I went out to the car where Paul was patiently waiting for me and I told him Kari’s story. He said if that is what God told you to do…then do it. I took the envelope out of my purse and wrote the following message:
From Symsonia Baptist Church in Kentucky, our pastor said we were to bless someone with this money. A gift. And, we choose you.
I walked back into Target with the envelope in my hand. Kari was checking out customers. When she had a moment, I called her by name told her this is for you. I handed her the enveloped then turned and walked out of the store.
Paul & Rhonda S.

There is a lady that I know that works all the hours that she can, plus a second job at Christmas sometimes to support her three growing boys. She is divorced. A 20 year old friend of hers recently had preemie twin girls and she was driving many weekends to Louisville to see the babies at Kosairs and support her in any way she could. For her work ethic, love for her children and friend and babies, I gave her my $10 (that I was given) for gas money.
Roger-Anne G.

My money went to the mother of the twin girls for anything they needed. One of the babies came home recently and the other is still at Kosairs. They need all our prayers.
Barb F.

I gave my $10 to my older brother as he is in school and working and needs the money. Brotherly love is special.
Logan F.

I used the $10 given to me, added to it, and blessed a young couple with two children that is going through a hard time. He was just transferred to Atlanta Georgia with Harbor Freight and later lost his job. Their church had been helping them and she had recently got a job to start after Christmas. This was a wonderful project and I know many people were blessed.
Kathleen S.